Tuesday, 22 February 2011

They`re not all black....

Here`s a few photos of a one of my sadder and rather worn quilts. It`s rather light in weight with a cotton wool filling and handquilted in clamshell pattern.
 No black fabric at all in this one but it still has a few things in common with the black border quilts. A lot of the fabrics in this are in small pieces,

Here at least five thin strips of fabric have been sewn together to make an eight inch patch.

A couple of worn areas. You can see how the dyes in the darker areas are weakening the fabric compared to the background. That second motif looks rather Japanese in style.

This is a lovely design don`t you think?

Some of the fabric patches show faults in printing.
Here are two roller printed cottons showing faults in the roller printing process. The white patches are where the fabric has become folded or creased and the dye hasn`t been able to get to these areas. The three red stripes are interesting. I thought at first they were part of the pattern but then I spotted them on the second piece of material.

Are they part of the manufacturing process. Or maybe they mark imperfect and rejected material?

And finally some more fabric stamping.

You could almost make out the lettering here....does the last word spell 'SHOW'?

I find these rough and ready quilts a lot more interesting than a perfect quilt.

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