Saturday, 28 January 2012

Irish Quilt

Sometimes really simple ideas can be very effective.
This is a quilt that I bought from a seller in Northen Ireland. A simple triangle pattern  made with mens shirting fabric.
I`ve looked carefully and can only see six different designs. The maker was quite careful with what she had and there are several instances of patches being made up to the right size with small pieces of extra fabric. Sometimes very small.
This patch has a tiny half inch of extra fabric sewn on at the tip. She`s either not had enough fabric to match the stripes up or wasn`t that bothered about the final appearance.
It`s a small quilt, hand sewn and simply quilted. I think it is wadded with cotton wool as it is very light.
It`s had quite a hard life and there are many small holes and repairs. If it was made with recycled mens clothing then the fabric would have been fairly worn to begin with.
 It has a seperate thin binding, something I don`t come across very often as both Welsh and North Country quilts have knife edge finishing.