Monday, 14 February 2011

A couple that got away.....

Here`s a couple of bordered quilts that I spotted but didn`t manage to get. This one is from eBay. Black diamonds and wide black borders and rather uniform prints make this quite a subtle quilt.

The backing fabrics are more exciting though, great jazzy patterns there and I love the red fabric separating the strips!
This is the most sophisticated version of this type of quilt that I have seen yet. The piecing is of a high standard as is the blending of fabrics. I love the coppery border around the central diamond.
The other side is equally as gorgeous with a slightly different colour scheme.
Some of the wonderful fabrics used.

This quilt was for sale in a mid Wales antiques shop but for a lot of money. I had to pass on it.



  1. Hi Sarah, I have a few of these quilts as well - Clare C calls them "crossroads " I think and it is quite a common design - mostly quilted by machine. I'll try to dig mine out if I can. Pippa Ps will you be going to the BQSG meeting this autumn - it is in Wales this year....

  2. I`d love to see your quilts Pippa! I`m wondering if they were made by people who had access to fabric remnants, 'end of bolt' sort of stuff. You do see them all over the place once you get your eye in, yet I`ve never seen a picture of one anywhere.
    I`ll have to check out the BQSG and try and make it!