Saturday, 12 February 2011

Another Black and Patterned Quilt

I bought this quilt last year at a large Welsh antiques fair. It is fairly basic in design and rather crudely constructed. And boy, is it heavy!

The familiar black borders in a range of fabric weights with stamps in a few places.
 Here`s one near the edge. You can get a feel of the rough nature of the contruction and the quilting from this photo.

 Another stamp. This fabric has a more luxurious finish but is still quite a low quality material. 

Some of the patterned materials look like furnishing fabric; 
 This fabric is lighter in construction, but the Tulip pattern is quite large and could be quite overwhelming for a dress. It does have a rather 1930`s feel to it.

Here a rather pretty floral sprigged cotton appears in three different colour combinations ;
This is a 'quilt within a quilt'. The filling is an older and very worn quilt. Parts of it can be seen where the fabric has been torn and in some places the new fabric is so thin that the fabric of the old quilt can clearly been seen through it.
Pink sprigged fabric visible through a tear.
You could almost tell what the older quilt looks like, it shows so clearly through this very fine and worn piece of cloth. The brown lines are two braided lengths of cord. I have no idea what they are doing there.

The quilting is very crude as can be expected with the quilter having to push her needle through at least five seperate layers of fabric.  It is also difficult to make out but does appear to be Welsh in style with clear spirals;
...and what would seem to be a central circular design in the Diamond.
The back unfortunately seems to have been replaced at some point and now consists of a single piece of floral fabric. It`s possible that the quilting was done at this time.

It is a 'rough and ready' quilt but shows the thrifty nature of the original quilter who was reusing and recycling long before we did.

Although I`ll bet her fingers were sore after quilting that!

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