Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Latest quilt

And I found another one.......
Sorry about the pictures. I have to drape the quilt over the sofa to get the shot.

This is quite a small quilt but made with a wonderful selection of 1950`s fabrics.
This is gorgeous;  very 'Festival of Britain'
This very vivid fabric design is present in two separate colour ways. The texture is quite rough and this may be a furnishing fabric. It`s reminicent of the barkcloth fabric that was so popular at this time.

The construction is quite crude and there are the stamping marks visible on the black fabric...
..and also on this red sprig fabric used in the border.
There is an older quilt visible inside the covers. It`s very worn but seems to have a pink sprigged fabric and some quilting is also visible

This looks a bit more familiar, and the quilting has a very distinctive zig-zag to it.
 It is in fact a cut down fragment of a  'Comfy' quilt. These were factory made during the 1930`s and beyond and there were thousands of them produced.  
Here is a picture of one in far better condition. There are usually at least two or three listed on eBay most of the time. Pink seems to be a popular colour, though I have also seen purple, yellow and even black.
A very utilitarian quilt then. The original Comfy quilt was used until it was worn to tatters and was then used as wadding for a rough but rather fun quilt. 


  1. Very interesting to find a comfy quilt inside!! Blankets and old quilts are more common - I haven't ever found a comfy quilt inside yet...Pippa

  2. That first "find" is quite an interesting quilt--the fabrics and the colors are so different and rather bizarre. Like it!
    best, nadia