Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Just returned from a fantastic holiday near Land`s End.
This is the walk down to the sea cliffs only yards from the holiday cottage. Cornwall had a massive mining industry and the remains are still visible everywhere. The spoil heaps on the left are from a tin mine that only closed in 1985.
 This lighthouse was just a short walk along the cliff path. It still has an original compressed air foghorn which is very effective!
There was so much to do in this area of Cornwall, but the weather was so good I ended up going for long walks almost every day. I took my brother`s dog with me and as you can see he had a great time.
We visited some of the many prehistoric stone features that litter this part of Britain...

This is Chun Quoit. A Neolithic burial chamber.

Men-An-Tol. A very mysterious structure. No-one knows if this is a tomb entrance or part of a stone circle. Children were passed through the ring stone nine times to cure them of rickets until the last century. 
Rhys isn`t impressed.
The Merry Maidens Stone Circle.
Cornwall South coast. Just to the right and out of sight, is the Minack Theatre which is a spectacular open air theatre carved into the cliff side.  I`d love to see a production there but you are warned  to take loads of cushions and blankets, even in Summer.
I took a load of books, dvd`s and a basted quilt for quilting.......
....but we were too tired to do anything!


  1. What a jaunt! That Chun Quoit is amazing--Ok, how did they do it? Your favorite quilt in the previous post is marvelous, a good choice for a favorite.
    best, nadia

  2. Thanks Nadia! I loved Cornwall, never been there before but I`m certainly going back. The old stone monumants are so amazing and the countryside is gorgeous.