Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blogging and quilting again!

I`ve had a bit of a hiatus from both;  no sewing since I finished the Kalidoscope quilt and the basted quilt I took on holiday with me, didn`t even leave it`s bag.

I`d got in a bit of a rut and nothing seemed to inspire me to pick up the scissors again. So, after Life had ceased to get in the way, I did what I normally do for inspiration. Went to the bookshelves and brought out a few of my favourite quilting books.

This is a book I used to take out of the library all the time. It took me a while to find my own copy but it has inspired a couple of my quilts.
It`s full of the most wonderful varieties of Star patterns. This is a Seven Sisters against a wonderful green background.
I don`t think I`d ever have to skill to piece those intricate circles around the Stars of Bethlehem.
And I love this Streak of Lightning quilt. I have a weakness for deep reds in quilts and it really makes this quilt zing! 
And that leads me to this quilt,   
Isn`t it pretty! A collection of tiny jewel like stars against a saturated colour background. I started thinking where I`d put my fabric stash. Then it reminded me of a similar quilt I`d seen in a book about the Beamish collection of quilts.

This is an absolutely gorgeous chocolate box of a book. It`s packed with the most wonderful North Country quilts of all description.
And it has this quilt......

It`s difficult to see in this picture, but it consists of alternate lines of six point stars and diamond shapes.
Here is a close up of some of the stars showing the 1930`s style of fabrics. The quilting is in 'worm' and 'trail' according to the book.

So...I bought a length of the richest red fabric that I could find, dug out all my fabric bags and I am now contentedly sewing patches surrounded by drifts of fat quarters.

I`ll keep you updated and I`ll be posting some more vintage quilts soon.



  1. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Yours, Ulla

  2. Thanks Ulla! It`s great to get feedback from quilters worldwide. I`m glad you liked the quilts I show.
    The Bethlehem Star quilt on your website is gorgeous!