Wednesday, 27 July 2011

More From Minerva

Here are the three quilts from the exhibition that I liked the most.

Firstly this delicate quilt of sprig cotton squares

 It looks like the maker has used fabric samples again as you can see the same pattern repeated with different colour backgrounds.
The layout of the quilt is quite haphazard but the colours values are so similar that the whole thing coordinates beautifully.
It reminds me of the Wedding Quilt in Kaffe Fassett and Lucy Prior Lucy`s Passionate Patchwork. A quilt I would like to make a version of sometime.

A close up of the lovely fabrics
The quilting is more difficult to make out but a Welsh spiral can be seen here...

 And a fan pattern here.

A heavy utilitarian quilt made with tailors wool scraps and offcuts.  Despite the limited range of colours I like the creativity that the maker has brought to this quilt. The card notes that it was make by an unknown quilter in the Synod Inn are and is very heavy. Perfect for winter!
And this is my absolute favourite. The photograph unfortunately does not do justice to the vibrant colour of this quilt. The quilting is superb
This is closer to the actual colours of the top.
The combination of the strong saturated colours of this quilt with the bold geometric quilting, make this a quintessentially Welsh quilt.


  1. Wonderful quilts! The first one I just want to touch, and the last one, oh, that quilting! The middle one brings a smile, too. Great post!

  2. I am hoping to go to Minerva in October when we go to the BQSG seminar - will you be going? Pippa

  3. Thanks Jan! I love that last quilt, it`s my second favourite of the Minerva collection after the famous Starfish quilt. I`ll have to do an entry on that too soon!

    I`m hoping to be able to get to the BQSG meeting Pippa, it`s part of the Quilters Guild isn`t it? I`ve let my membership lapse on that though I`m still a member of the Welsh Quilt Study Group.

  4. Beautiful!!
    Love the fabrics and the quilting.