Thursday, 28 July 2011

Gorgeous Minature Quilts

 I`m not  normally interested in minature quilts,  all the quilts I make myself are full sized.  However I totally fell in love with these exquisite tiny quilts by Dorian Walton.

The photograph doesn`t do this selection of Amish inspired quilts any justice.  Let`s just say that they were  so impressive in real life.

I took several attempts to try and capture the colours in this star pattern.

This is a wonderfully effective design and you can start to see some of the quilting in the border too.

A minature Sanderson Star........

And this gives you an idea of the size of these exquisite quilts. How fiddly it must have been to piece these tiny patches and then to produce the quilting. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.
Just look at the work in this wholecloth quilt.

And finally, a glorious version of the Cariad II quilt from Making Welsh Quilts,  which was inspired by a Pembrokeshire quilt discovered on one of the Quilters Guild documentation day and recorded here


  1. now these are amazing little quilts!
    I just may have to challenge myself to making smaller little quilts!
    thanks for sharing, I am in awe!
    btw I agree Linda Sewards book is wonderful

  2. Wow! So glad to see your hand to get the perspective on these exquisite quilts. Can imagine the accuracy it takes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for showing the beautiful quilts of the Minerva Exhibition and the miniature quilts--a feast for the eyes.
    best, nadia

  4. Thanks, the Sanderson Star was my favourite but I could have taken any of the others home too. The maker must have so much patience and skill to piece those tiny fabric patches. And then to quilt them so beautifully as well.
    I won`t be complaining about piecing full sized quilts.
    Good luck with your minature quilts Kathie. I look forward to seeing more of them