Sunday, 6 March 2011

Red and White quilts

On the 23rd of March the American Folk Museum will be hosting a display of over six hundred red and white quilts. Taryn from the blog Repro Quilt Lover is asking people to post about the red and white quilts they own and linking to her blog so we can have a virtual exhibition.

I don`t own many red and white quilts and the one I do is probably the saddest specimen that will be appearing. 
This is a single bed sized quilt. Rather thin and worn but the pattern is quite striking.
It hardly counts as red and white now.   It`s had a hard life and is more like a red and dirty grey.
Each of the white blocks are quilted with a sunflower pattern. The quilting is all hand done....

...because if your sewing machine quilted like this it`d be sent for repair pretty quick!

I do have a wholecloth Welsh quilt with some beautiful quilting but it`s more of a burgundy and off white so may be a bit of a stretch to include it.
You can see one side of it under my heading photo.


  1. That quilt definitely has character. I love it.

  2. The beauty of red and white quilts in photos is that the flaws disappear. I have to agree the quilting on yours is pretty sad. But I am sure whoever did it tried their best. I have a red and white doll quilt I am thinking about adding but it is rather a mess. It is ragged and dirty. Yours still looks white in the photo but mine looks like someone wiped their feet on it. Thanks so much for adding your quilt!

  3. I wonder if your Red and White quilt could have been made as a Red Cross quilt during WW II? Do you know anything about its history. What fun to see everyone's Red and White quilts! I'm so glad Taryn dreamed up the gallery idea as well as the links to everyone's blogs! Another ingenious idea -- to go blog hopping via and Red and White quilts! I've posted some study pieces to my blog today due to Taryn's inspiration.

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    It is rather a sad specimen. The photos make it look a lot better than it is but in reality it`s very very grey.
    But I like quilts that look like they have been used and loved a lot and I`d be very interested to see your doll quilt Taryn. Ive had a great time looking at all the beautiful red and white quilts out there!
    I wondered if the quilt could have been a Red Cross quilt Karen, and I did check carefully to see if there were any signs of a label but could`nt find anything. It was bought here in Britain but I don`t know any more than that.