Sunday, 13 March 2011

Red and White Quilt Top

This is my only other piece that is red and white.  Originally purchased from an eBay seller in America, it had no provenance.

It is difficult to make out in the pictures but the majority of the red blocks are a tomato shade but at some point the maker ran out and around the edges they are a deeper red in colour.

It is quite a large top and I decided to hand quilt it with red thread in a lobed pattern.
Some of the blocks in this shot are the darker red shade.
It was a perfect winter quilting project. It was quilted in a hoop and as the wadding is wool, it kept me very cozy. Unfortunately it had to be put aside so I could work on a quilt for my brothers wedding.

I think it is about time I got back to work on it.


  1. Oh, I love your quilting design, and am always happy to see a "rescue". Your hand quilting is beautiful!

  2. Thank you Jan! I love to collect American quilt tops; most are too good for me to try and make them into finished quilts but I will enjoy seeing this one finished.

  3. Your hand quilting is excellent. I hope you do get back to work on it because it will be a treasure. I love that simple postage stamp pattern. Thanks for sharing it!!

  4. I have two did you like quilting on the wool batting (any bearding?) and how did you mark your quilt?

  5. Thanks Taryn! I really should get back to finishing it.
    I love quilting on wool but I don`t have much experience with any other types of materials. I did do some machine quilting with a high loft polyester early on but I unpicked it because it didn`t look right. I redid it with a wool batt. It was quite a small quilt so it wasn`t a big job.
    I havn`t noticed any bearding with this one but occasionally I have seen it with a quilt that had patches made with a material with a coarser weave.
    I marked it by making a template out of thin plastic. I then traced the essential bits of the design with a fine pencil. I did want to do an 'all over' design but I got cold feet about the massive amount of work that marking it would involve!