Saturday, 22 January 2011

More Black Border Quilts

This is a quilt I`ve had for quite a few years. It wasn`t bought at the same time as the two quilt tops but I believe from the same place. It`s a bit smaller than the others and the only one with any obvious quilting.

I say quilting.......

Possibly 'running wild with the sewing machine' would be a better description.

Managed to get some of the lines to meet!

I`m not sure if this quilting is actually contemporary with the rest of the quilt or if someone else decided that it`s a quilt, it must have quilting.

Again, the black material shows the same mix of dull and satin, plain and textured.

Can anyone else help with dating the patterned fabrics? I thought they had a 1920`s to 1930`s feel to them but I would welcome any help. I can take more shots of the fabrics and publish them soon.

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