Monday, 17 January 2011

New quilt

I recently bought this very striking quilt on eBay.  The design seemed to be very similar to a pair of quilt tops that I bought several years ago.
Quilt top bought several  years ago

Second quilt top bought at the same time
 When I had a chance to examine the new quilt closely,  I could see that there were also similarities in the style of the materials as well.

The quilts seem to be constructed from light weight dress fabrics, I`m not sure of the dates but they look 1920`s in style to me. Could anyone else  help with dates?

The black material that forms such a bold part of the design is also unusual. Some of it has a satin sheen, some is patterned and on each of the pieces there are stamped marks present on the fabric....

Stamped mark (rather faded) on the quilt

Stamped mark on quilt top

I had thought that the quilter had used old wartime blackout material, but it does seem very flimsy and I don`t think that it would be very effective at all.

I also have another, smaller quilt which is very similar and I will try to post pictures when I find it.

Are the quilts all made by the same quilter, maybe someone working in the garment industry using up scraps of fabric?  Or was there a fashion for this style of quilt at the time?

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