Sunday, 11 March 2012

Scrap quilt top

I don`t like perfection in quilts.  I like to see traces of the maker in the finished quilts rather than something that could easily have been made in a factory.

This lovely little quilt top shows just how far its maker has had to stretch her fabric stash. The result has a charm of it`s own, despite being a long way from Quilt Show perfection.
There are places on the top where a lot of similar patches are clustered together.
Almost half the patches are constructed from two or more scraps of fabric.
 The quilter has made the squares up as best she could and if that means that the pattern doesn`t match up, so be it.
There is such a lot of fiddly work that has been done here.
And this is the smallest piece I could find on this top. The patch in the centre of the photograph is only half a centimeter at the widest point.

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  1. this is lovely! i agree with you about unperfection looks best. i have some similar material to this and would like to make something similar.x