Saturday, 7 May 2011

Well Loved Crib Quilt

In the next couple of posts I`m going to be featuring quilts from the more downmarket end of the quilting spectrum. Quilts that were not really intended to show off the makers needleworking skills, or her appreciation of colours or large stash of beautiful materials. These quilts are made for a purpose as a bedcovering, sometimes from whatever material was easily available,  pieced together quickly and quilted minimally.

The first is a rather worn and stained crib sized quilt.

One side has this rather wonky frame patchwork. I`m not sure if it has been cut down from a larger quilt as the two side panels don`t seem to fit with the original design.  The patches also appear to be a mix of different periods. Some look quite old but the pink pieces are a kind of flannelette and the red patches look 1930`s or later. They may be later repairs.
One thing is clear though. This has been a well loved and extremely well used quilt. A few of the patches are threadbare and because of this you can see at least two older layers underneath the top.

If this side has a cut down appearance, the reverse is much more in proportion.
What a lovely little design. The central patch is made up from shirting fabric fragments
Some of these pieces are very small indeed.
The patchwork pieces here are about an inch wide.

Even the background has been carefully patched at one point.

You can just make out the repaired section here. The fabric is a very dirty and faded green sprig.

The quilting is machine quilted zig zags and probably added later.

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