Tuesday, 17 May 2011

American Quilt

Although Welsh quilts are my first love, I also appreciate and collect quilts from other countries; I have quite a few North Country/Durham quilts from England and several American quilts.

This is the first American quilt that I bought and it is still one of my favourites. A classic Dresden Plate.
  I`m sorry I can`t get a better picture of it, but it is a large quilt and it`s far too rainy to photograph it outdoors; so I had to drape it over the sofa.

It looks like it dates from the 1940`s or later,  I can remember reading that the black blanket stitch outline dates from that time. There are some wonderful prints used in the plates.
It has some beautiful hand stitching, which is not shown to best advantage by my picture. The wadding is quite thin and the whole quilt is very light. I love having this on my bed during the summer.

The maker has used a lovely violet fabric as the centre of the plates and tied the quilt together by using the same fabric as a double border.

I have a few more American quilts but I collect more quilt tops as they are easier to find and the postage is a lot less.

I will post more tops soon.

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